It hasn’t been easy finding the right place, but if anything, the lack of truly accessible buildings motivated me even more. So here we are, nearly one year later – and it is finally happening. VR therapies will be opening our first centre in Northampton, UK, 2020. Just the year alone makes it sound so cool!! Regardless of what anyone thinks, I know 10 year old me would be so impressed! ?

I wanted to do a little photo journey of our premises, so in years to come, we can laugh at the outdated tech and bad hair-dos.

So here we are at the beginning.

This is our lovely new home. It looks like a castle!

This the day I got the keys and couldn’t stop smiling.

Here is the dance studio, which will become our hydrotherapy room.

This will be our activity room

This will be the sensory room.

This will be the waiting area, where you can chill before the session starts.

This is our office at the moment!

and this is me pointing at things! To you, it’s a blank wall, but to me, it’s going to be an amazing piece of augmented reality artwork with flying planets and dolphins swimming!

And now the journey begins.