We’re breaking boundaries

Our centre is a world-first

Fascinated by emerging Virtual Reality technologies and their potential to deliver truly life-changing therapies, Rebecca Gill, a qualified nurse with over 12 years’ experience founded VR Therapies in 2018. This was after experiencing first-hand, the power this technology had to change lives. We’re now an award-winning Community Interest Company and the UK’s first social enterprise dedicated to improving people’s mental health, wellbeing and rehabilitation through innovative, immersive sensory experiences. 

What is Virtual reality therapy?

From learning difficulties and brain injury rehabilitation, to mental health issues, neurological and degenerative conditions, this therapy eases symptoms and bridges the gap of traditional therapies becoming harder for people to access. 

A new world of therapy
Those receiving virtual reality therapy navigate through specially created environments, incorporating activities tailored to treat a specific condition or simply enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic environment.
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Travel and explore

Our travel experiences have been created to improve wellbeing and help reduce depression. They include exploring coral reefs, museums, famous landmarks and more. 

Art and music

This sensory experience provides our users with a myriad of sights and sounds. Express yourself through paintings which come to life, create music from your artwork or enjoy private performances with famous orchestras around the world.

Health and fitness

Reduce anxiety whilst swimming with dolphins or embark on rehabilitation with gamified exercises. Meditate in a forest, relax by the sea or even try cosmic exploration for a starry serotonin boost. Alternatively, our boxing experience will get you moving.

Animals and nature

Step into a safari in the Savannah, get up close and personal with animals in a jungle or go on a horse ride with these programmes tailored to evoke a relaxing, emotive experience.