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Virtual Reality Therapies
welcome to a new world
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Swimming with dolphins
combined with hydrotherapy
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Immersive experiences
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For all ages and abilities
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What is this wonderful world?!

You can now book a range of VR sessions at our magical multisensory centre! Read more below...

Have fun and experience the benefits of VR!
Community group sessions and workshops available
Private 1 to 1 VR sessions.
VR sessions tailored to your requirements.

Making the impossible… possible!

Come visit a fun new centre, the first of its kind in the UK…

With lots of games and multisensory experiences available, you can try out the latest in virtual reality and immersive technology. Maybe you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins? 🐬 Magical experiences can come to life here… 🌟 paint with stars or fire 🔥 walk on the moon and create your own galaxy… or even visit the African Savanna and walk with elephants! 🐘⁠ 

Our magical multisensory centre features an activity room, wheelchair-accessible VR driving simulators, an interactive sensory room, and even the world-first combination of hydrotherapy with underwater VR headsets. Now everyone can experience swimming with dolphins!⁠

We are fully accessible and inclusive, making it ideal for all ages, with staff experienced in supporting SEND and disabilities. Booking is available at for Monday-Friday or outside of these hours by private arrangement. Sessions start at just £15! 

We are a new social enterprise dedicated to making the benefits of VR accessible and affordable for everyone, so come along and enjoy something new.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

We're a registered community interest company.

VR therapies CIC

Community Interest Companies (CIC) are a type of company designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good.
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We are the first social enterprise that provides VR therapies for kids with special needs and adults with disabilities.

Making the inaccessible, accessible

VR should not be just for the rich, or physically able. We want to change this.
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It's for the community and we want everyone to come and have a go.

So here we are

Everything is designed in mind for people with disabilities and of all ages and abilities but everyone is welcome. You don't need a disability to have fun at our centre!
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Virtual Reality

Innovative, immersive and a full sensory experience.

From the middle of oceans to different galaxies...
The experiences and benefits are endless
From reducing chronic pain to alleviating anxiety...
A truly inclusive, uplifting and drug-free therapy
To trips down memory lane and travelling the world...
Combined with traditional therapies such as hydrotherapy and physio

Pick from a variety of sessions

From our activity rooms and sensory rooms, to the fully accessible hydrotherapy, there are a range of options available for you.


VR therapies is fully accessible & inclusive for all ages and abilities. All sessions are tailored to the individual with a focus on person-centred and holistic support. Whether this is meditating by the beach or flying through space, our sessions will support your physical and mental wellbeing in surprising ways!


VR is suitable for 14+ but the hydrotherapy can be used at any age. As every parent knows, play therapy is a crucial part of not only child development, but also coping with medical conditions. Children may not vocalise anxiety but through play therapy it allows them to cope with difficult times or stressful situations.


Group sessions are available in the activity room, or you can even book the entire centre! Sessions can be a combination of structures - free flow or guided, with multiple kits and a fully accessible and immersive setting. Sessions are tailored to the group needs and there are many themes and options to choose from.


An immersive experience like no other, combining the benefits of hydrotherapy with the wonder of swimming with dolphins. On many people’s bucket lists and now available to everyone. A wealth of studies have shown the benefits of hydrotherapy as well as dolphin-assisted therapy, but the benefits have never been combined… till now!

Specialist support available

Our team is filled with specialist experts from a range of professions, or you can book a session with your own dedicated VR therapist.

Awards & more


Thank you to BBC1 for featuring us and helping spread the word of VR therapies! We’ve not just been on local TV & radio – but Germany, Spain, Russia, and across the world! 


We’ve won awards for our work with people with disabilities. From the ITU and the UN, to PETA, FSB. Natwest & more. As well as being invited to speak at the United Nations!


We’ve worked with AGE UK across Northamptonshire and the NHS in their pain clinics. We’ve got some exciting collaborations and studies beginning. soon… Watch this space!