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Now work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 50% of all work-related illness, you value the mental health and wellbeing of your people more than ever. VR Therapies, the UK’s first social enterprise dedicated to improving wellbeing through Virtual Reality, now provides innovative therapies for your teams using the latest in virtual reality and immersive technology, tailored to your workforce and company objectives.

Experience the benefits of VR!
Inspire creativity
Grow productivity
1:1 or group sessions
Improve morale
Corporate retreats
Grow productivity
Team building workshops

“Awesome! Especially if your work is stressful. Absolutely brilliant”

Workplace Health & Safety Co-ordinator, Katy

VR Therapies deliver a range of bespoke VR sessions helping directly reduce rates of staff sickness, increase retention, improve morale and grow productivity. By looking after the health of your staff, you look after the health of your business. We want to help people, and we know that helping your staff helps you too. With the latest VR technology, we run group sessions through the day or half-day providing each staff member with a 30 minute session. These guided therapies focus on different areas of mental health or wellbeing, providing a holistic break from the hustle and bustle of the office.

Virtual Reality

Suggested themes...

Travel & Explore
Art & Music
Health & Fitness
Animals & Nature

Travel & Explore

Visit anywhere in the world, learn about different countries and cultures and understand what diversity really means. From the streets of New York to the Great Wall of China, explore coral reefs or famous landmarks: or completely escape it all by flying to space and visiting planets near and far – then look back at Earth from your new perspective.  

Art & Music

Engage in self exploration, enhance creativity and work productivity by cultivating imagination and innovation. Paint with stars or fire, create magic around you and experience a new world of synaesthesia, a mixing of senses where you can see sounds, hear colours and actually step inside your paintings. Even create your own music with unique imaginary instruments and listen to the music of your body.

Health & Fitness

Meditate in forests or relax by the beach. Your staff will find the perfect place to recharge and revitalise mind and body. Guided meditations introduce mindfulness and relaxation techniques, while swimming with dolphins is a proven natural serotonin boosting therapy. More active sessions include sports and games for cortisol-busting experiences leaving staff ready to take on the world.

Animals & Nature

Experience the animal kingdom like never before. Swim with dolphins in the Bahamas, walk with elephants in the Savannas of Africa or or marvel at
the magic of wildlife with David Attenborough from the tops of mountains.
Travel to the wildest places on Earth or the depths of the oceans

Whole or half day Company Wellbeing Sessions delivered at your company location. VR Therapies trained team of VR therapists plan, prepare and guide you through your team sessions. Options also include private sessions, team building workshops, corporate retreats as well as a drop-in service for extra flexibility. 

Maximise the wellbeing benefits for your workforce.

All revenue from our Company Wellbeing Service helps support us in providing more sessions to children and adults with special needs, disabilities and mental health issues. 

This in turn helps your company with Corporate Social Responsibility.

Options available

Tier 1 – Experiences Menu

We bring latest in VR equipment with a full menu of experiences for staff to select from. We run small group sessions throughout the day providing each staff staff member with a 30-minute therapeutic VR session. Swim with dolphins on your break, or visit some landmarks at lunch, this is a great opportunity to tick off some bucket lists too, relieve stress or get the creative juices flowing!

Tier 2 – Drop-in & Bespoke

We provide a “Pop-up and drop-in” service which is exactly as it sounds – we will set everything up with all the headsets, so staff can drop in at a time that suits them for as long as they want – the best option for flexibility for a fast paced business. These guided individual sessions can focus on different areas of mental or wellbeing, providing a holistic timeout from the hustle and bustle of the office. We also provide VR therapies workshops. These can involve talks about mental health and how to look after it, with some fun VR to open your eyes to a new world of self-empowerment and wellbeing.

Tier 3 – In-sourcing & Client support

We provide overall project management and consultancy services, to help you set up your own VR wellbeing station, giving you full ownership and control of your own VR headsets, supporting your current teams wellbeing as you want to, even helping you to develop new ways of training new staff. Soon you’ll be known as that as a really exciting company to work for with some awesome perks.

Please contact us on 01604 622402 or email at [email protected]