Please sign this petition for charities in Northampton.

We don’t rely on the council but so many local charities and services do. The current organisations affected by this devastating decision are:

Northamptonshire Age UK, the Autumn Centre, Catch22, Dostiyo, Glamis Hall, Marlow House, Mayday Trust, Midland Heart, Naash, Serve and ACA. There are likely more, but these are the ones who have been vocal about it. There are likely others not being heard.

These groups provide services to our most vulnerable. This is about our community, our families – and as 80% of disabilities develop later in life – this could very well be about you. 

These amazing organisations cover support for

  • Palliative care
  • Dementia
  • Adults with disabilities
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Young people at risk
  • Children with special needs
  • Homelessness
  • Drug & Alcohol rehab
  • Transitioning from foster care or into care services
  • Housing 
  • Mental Health
  • Learning disabilities

and sadly, so much more…

The charities most at risk seem to be for the elderly and homeless, which is even sadder. I’m already vocal about the lack of support for dementia but we have also all seen the increase in homelessness over the last few years in Northampton. With such little support as it is, what do they expect to happen to all these people when funding is withdrawn in March?

I remember volunteering at the old soup kitchen in Northampton years ago, and it broke my heart. One gentleman in his 80’s always stuck with me. Through no fault of his own he had lost his job and house, then his wife died and the flat was repossessed… but he’d still turn up in an impeccable full suit everyday and hold his hand behind his back, touchingly courteous as only his generation could be. He was one of the most polite and gentle humans I have ever met… so humble and quiet, and so deserving of a better end to his life. Or Angel, with his dreadlocks and calming quiet voice, who could soothe anyone but himself (please get in touch if you know how he is doing!)… the young guy with a brain injury, desperate to change his life, or the mother having to resort to bringing her children into a soup kitchen for breakfast before school… How can we take funding away from those who have so little???

I am so angry.

If you’re angry too or you’re still reading – then I’m likely ‘preaching to the choir’, so please do sign the petition below & support these amazing services.