This surreal experience deserves a blog post of its own.

In the most surreal exchange so far, I answered the phone to the BBC. At first I thought it was the local radio station, BBC Northants and I was happy to be invited to talk…. but then they began to ask if I was in London and if I could be there at 8 am Sunday morning, that we could film in the piazza and if you could bring some headsets so people can try the VR, and….

This is the moment where I realised what she meant by “Sunday Morning Live”…

That’s not the local radio… that’s live on the telly… on BBC1?! Turns out they are doing a segment on the positive side of games and VR, and would love to feature VR therapies.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear the theme of the show was triggered by Trump’s latest ridiculous remarks regarding video games making children violent. I don’t think I really need to explain how wrong, incorrect and he himself actually incites hatred and violence, but this is not the time.
So that’s how I ended up in a hotel room on Saturday night setting up a load of VR headsets for the BBC. SURREAL.

Photos from behind the scenes!

BBC Broadcasting House

Although it was only a small segment, I am still so proud to have shown VR therapies on the BBC. Thank you so much Sarah and her family for coming along, it was great to show you and your sons VR. Sarah is also the author of the Parents Guide to Coping with Autism – check it out!

Thank you also to the amazing Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub. It was great to show how VR can help keep people with CP active and mobile. A great charity providing specialist support, understanding and expertise.

The episode is now available on the BBC iPlayer, but here’s some screen grabs just for your pleasure.

VR therapies was also recently awarded Community Hero of the week by the Northampton Chronicle & Echo! Although the BBC couldn’t include most of our talk, let alone discuss this award – I have created a segment for them to use at another date.

Enjoy and stay tuned! 😀