Today VR therapies attended its first event in collaboration with WorkTree. This amazing charity, which combines over 1,500 volunteers, helps young people work out their futures by simply answering their questions about our jobs. It is inspiring to both us and them. I’m the one right next to the sign with a very pretty necklace if I do say so myself.

It’s a brilliant opportunity for kids to learn about the way they can make a difference. I’m so passionate about encouraging as many social enterprises and charities to get involved, we need to spread the word! Kids need to know that making a difference isn’t some silly dream, it’s real and it’s bloody achievable.

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Okay I admit, it’s a lot easier if you’re the cool person who turned up with VR headsets. I’m finally popular at school!!

If you wanna be put on the spot though, get a 13 year old to quiz your life choices, salary and profession! Some kids are shy and chose the easy questions, but some kids will question the very root of your being and why you chose this life. If there’s anything that can get you to question things, it’s a kid with the million “but why?” questions.

I bloody love it.

If you can spare an hour to help shine light on the different avenues in life – that it isn’t all about GCSE’s – or connections – or Eton… That it’s about passion & determination & spirit… then go get in touch with WorkTree!