Financial support

Reducing financial barriers

Group Sessions

Northamptonshire Sport Fund

This fund subsidises 50% session costs and will be used to improve the physical health of Northamptonshire’s older population through immersive virtual reality therapies. The key focus is on those with Dementia, Parkinson’s and other long-term health conditions. This is thanks to Northamptonshire Sport and Sport England’s ‘Together Fund’. The Fund helps reduce the negative impact of Coronavirus and the widening of the inequalities in sport and physical activity. Interactive and immersive sessions will help people get moving and back on their feet again, enjoying different fun VR experiences utilising their interests and passions. As well as sports and games, we will also be using art, music and more to get people moving and engaging. Local voluntary, charity and community organisations can apply to book subsidised sessions (up to 5) and also train in VR, meaning they can continue the activities even after the project has finished.

Individual Sessions

We are pleased to announce a new support fund is available for people who are struggling to afford sessions. Whilst it has always been a struggle for people on benefits to survive, things are even more difficult now with the rising costs of living. The people who would benefit most from VR therapies are often the least likely to access them, whether due to financial or physical reasons. We’ve removed the physical barriers by making all of our centre and service genuinely accessible and inclusive – now it’s time to help reduce those financial barriers.

Thanks to some fantastic organisations, we have been able to set up this fund to provide heavily discounted or free sessions for our community.

If your business or organisation would like to fund sessions please do get in touch! We will be updating this page regularly as new funds become available so check back regularly or sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

COINS Foundation

This fund is specifically for children and young people with special needs and learning disabilities, up to the age of 25. "COINS Foundation is the not-for-profit organisation of the COINS group, a unique foundation supporting socially responsible businesses, social enterprises and sustainable projects internationally. We use enterprise to address issues of social justice and support a wide range of social initiatives. We influence people to think differently about poverty, disability and injustice. We also look to influence others to start social enterprises and to commit equity from the outset into foundations and charities. At the heart of COINS Foundation is a desire to see real and positive change in individual lives, communities and business."

How's My Driving

This fund is specifically for victims of road crashes who have been physically or mentally injured. "How’s My Driving? was the first road safety service of its kind introduced into the UK and since 1995 we have successfully raised the profile of road safety. It provides an opportunity for other road users to have a positive impact on driving behaviour, enabling potentially hazardous situations to be diffused, whilst helping drivers to become more aware of their driving style. The How’s My Driving badge is the sign of independence, a brand that the public trust to contact and leave their feedback with."

Accessible for all

Ensuring everyone can access support without waiting lists