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We’re also proud to be able to bring our services to nursing and care homes, day centres, supported living and other community services looking to use VR therapy.

What do we offer ?

We offer group sessions, private sessions, training, workshops and events.

Experience the benefits of VR!
Group sessions
Private 1 to 1 VR sessions.
VR sessions tailored to your requirements.

VR therapy accessible to all!

The latest medical and therapeutic advances in technology should be available to the very people it is designed for – not just those already in the hospital, the rich or physically able. It should be available to those who would benefit most yet currently are the least likely to access it. 

We want to tick off those bucket lists, break those boundaries and breeze through barriers!


Virtual Reality

Innovative, immersive and a full sensory experience.

From the middle of oceans to different galaxies...
The experiences and benefits are endless
From reducing chronic pain to alleviating anxiety...
A truly inclusive, uplifting and drug-free therapy
To trips down memory lane and travelling the world...
Combined with traditional therapies such as hydrotherapy and physio